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Heliconius Butterflies and Their Relatives. Interesting family of slow-flying Neotropical butterflies whose larvae feed on highly toxic passion vines and which are often confused with numerous mimics.

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Forthcoming ? Bruce M. Princeton University Press March Ground breaking reference work on the birds of New Guinea. Get the Kindle edition and take it along on your tablet.

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Birds of Botswana. Princeton University Press November Ber van Perlo. Birds of South America - Passerines. August Birds of Western Africa - Second Edition. Thane K. Illustrated by John C.

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Birds of New Guinea - Second Edition. Princeton University Press October The greatest improvement I've ever seen in a field guide authored by the same people responsible for the first edition, reflecting all that has been learned since the first edition came out. Birding in New Guinea is much more difficult than birding in Southeast Asia and vastly more difficult than birding in Central and South America. With this great field guide and available sound recordings, you have the best chance ever to identify the birds that you may glimpse as they take cover at the approach of people.

Be sure to study and bring along the Kindle version of the same authors' great new reference book on the Birds of New Guinea. February Rare Birds of North America. Princeton University Press February Birds of Australia: A Photographic Guide. The Warbler Guide. Princeton University Press July October March Birds of the Indian Subcontinent - Second Edition. Guy M. November This is a superb monograph, but too heavy to take on foreign trips.

A Kindle edition would be greatly appreciated.

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Birds of the Horn of Africa - Second Edition. William J. Boyle, Jr.

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  • Kevin T. Karlson, photographic editor. Princeton University Press May Guy Dutson.

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    Birds of Southern Africa. Fourth edition, Struik was acquired by Penguin Random House in Richard Crossley. The Crossley guide is a valuable resource and a bargain considering the number and quality of the photos. However, the fake photos of birds plugged into habitat backgrounds only diminish the attractiveness and utility of the book. Natural photos would have been a much better choice. Birds of the Middle East - Second Edition.

    Christopher Helm and Princeton University Press. Field Guide to the Birds of Australia. Revised distribution maps with all subspecies shown.

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    The field guide for those with a large pocket. Nigel Cleere. Joseph Forshaw. Illustrated by Frank Knight. Parrots of the World.

    Second edition, I consider this to be the world's finest field guide. In this event, there may be a slight delay in shipping and possible variation in description. Our Day return guarantee still applies. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Make an Offer. Find Rare Books Book Value.

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    Privacy Details. This is no exception - it is without a doubt the most authoritative national map of Venezuela. Watch out for the forthcoming maps by Emilio Perez though. Rarely encountered in Venezuela, you will need to purchase this before leaving.